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Separating Church & State

“New Englanders are serious about the separation of church and state. That’s why they keep their churches in cages.”

pointing out the Main St church above
as part of his spontaneous Nashua, New Hampshire travelogue
August 16, 2008

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Indian Pudding in Sturbridge Massachusetts (with recipe!)

Indian Pudding was on the menus absolutely everywhere we went in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. We finally tried it the day we had lunch at the Old Sturbridge Village Tavern.

We were expecting a dish something like southern classics corn pone (an eggless corn bread), corn pudding (somwhere between a quiche and a souffle), or spoon bread (a pudding-like bread).

We couldn’t have been more wrong!

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Weird Foods

Traveling in the US we haven’t hit as many unfamiliar foods as we would traveling further from home, but we’ve still seen a few “new” things.

Savoury pork mush. Yum!

  • Bulkies: seems to be a large roll or bun in Massachusetts. Can any natives comment?
  • Scrod: a fish we’ve seen on menus around New England but Neil hasn’t tried yet; scrod seems to be either very young cod or “catch of the day,” depending on who you ask.
  • Scrapple: a savory mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and flour, sometimes buckwheat flour. You know anytime you get “savoury” and “mush” juxtaposed you are in for a gourmet treat.

We haven’t just chickened out on new foods!

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Rhode Island Live Update

Just a quick update, live from the Main Street Whole Foods Market wi-fi cafe in Providence, Rhode Island.

We DID manage to wake me up in time to check out of the hotel in West Boylston, Massachusetts this morning. Hurray!

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Barometric in Boylston

Adventuring, traveling and writing have all been light lately due to inclement weather conditions.

Last Sunday (September 7), we were on the verge of signing up for a bargain-priced, charming little sublet sit out the rest of September outside Burlington, Maine, close to the Canadian border and far from just about every other reference point on earth.

And then we checked the weather report.

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Soggy in Bangor

We limped into Bangor, Maine on Wednesday night after walking ourselves into the ground in Montreal over Labour Day weekend with an overnight stop in Quebec City on the way in for good measure.

It is “raining strings” in Bangor tonight as they say in French (il pleut des cordes); in Japanese this would definitely qualify as “zaa zaa” rain (ame ga zaa zaa furimasu) which I’d translate with great poetic license as “the rain sings like the strings of a zither,” but which really can’t be translated into literal English at all. Suffice to say it is raining pretty hard.
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Razor in Candy

When Halloween Urban Myths Become Commodified
Razor in Candy: when Halloween urban myths are commoditized

This vending machine in the hallway of the Red Roof Inn in Brattleboro, Vermont, seemed to embody the legends of Halloweens past.

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A/V Club Bulletin

The most mysterious extracurricular activity at my highschool was the Audio Visual Club, or “A/V Club”.

The A/V Club was sponsorsed by a math teacher and populated by afficianados of Dungeons and Dragons. The rewards of membership were the almost super-human ability to operate highly technical audio visual equipment, such as casette players, overhead projectors, and sometimes even reel-to-reel movie projectors. The A/V Club members may have existed in the hinterlands of the darwinistic school hierarchy, but they were the only people who could save school assemblies and year end concerts from the technophobic bumblings of the teaching staff.

Time marches on. The geeks from my highschool grew up to be engineers and programmers, their spiritual descendants today play World of Warcraft online, and the overhead projector has mostly gone the way of the mimeograph and the dodo. Little did I guess in highschool that one day I would marry a geek of my very own. Life is full of surprises! [Read more →]

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Bienvenue à nos amis francophones

Mon mari et moi sommes voyageurs à plein temps. Nous n’avons ni maison, ni appartement. Nous n’avons que la voiture, les valises, et le volonté de voyager.

Le premier juilliet 2008, nous avons quitté notre ancien appartement et commencé notre grand tour des tats-Unis et du Canada.

Dans ce blogue, il s’agit des histoires de nos aventures. [Read more →]

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Vermont stole our hearts

We just wrapped up 8 days in Vermont: a week in Brattleboro plus a crazy day shuttling between Montpelier and Burlington. Vermont absolutely stole our hearts.

Here’s how Vermont compares to other places we’ve lived and traveled: [Read more →]

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