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Time Travel: Dallas 2001

Reading about the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers investment firm last night transported me back to the telecom industry meltdown of 2001, which I watched from my ring-side seat as a recruiter in the Dallas Telecom Corridor.

I have written elsewhere about the human consequences of the bankruptcy in Brace for the Lehman Bankruptcy Trickle Down.

I invite you to click through for the article if you’re interested in some non-travel writing.

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September 16, 2008   6 Comments

A/V Club Bulletin

The most mysterious extracurricular activity at my highschool was the Audio Visual Club, or “A/V Club”.

The A/V Club was sponsorsed by a math teacher and populated by afficianados of Dungeons and Dragons. The rewards of membership were the almost super-human ability to operate highly technical audio visual equipment, such as casette players, overhead projectors, and sometimes even reel-to-reel movie projectors. The A/V Club members may have existed in the hinterlands of the darwinistic school hierarchy, but they were the only people who could save school assemblies and year end concerts from the technophobic bumblings of the teaching staff.

Time marches on. The geeks from my highschool grew up to be engineers and programmers, their spiritual descendants today play World of Warcraft online, and the overhead projector has mostly gone the way of the mimeograph and the dodo. Little did I guess in highschool that one day I would marry a geek of my very own. Life is full of surprises! [Read more →]

August 31, 2008   6 Comments