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The Zen of Travel Shock

We are traveling to Montreal in June for a family wedding. This afternoon I started looking up prices on Montreal hotels.

In one tab I was consulting a Montreal metro map. In a second tab I was checking out McGill summer accommodations, my alma mater, which I highly recommend for some of the lowest cost rooms in downtown Montreal. I was also comparing information from a number of travel websites including hotels.com, venere.com, and tripadvisor.com (all of which we recommend).

In my mind, I was walking along the streets of Montreal, remembering the years I lived there as a student, thinking about all the museums and restaurants and little shops I looked forward to sharing with my parents…

And then Neil told me the time was running out on the parking meter, and Whoosh! I was transported through time and space! Instead of walking down Rue Sherbrooke in Montreal in the late 1980’s, I found myself teleported to the Nob Hill Flying Star Cafe on Central Avenue in Albuquerque 20 years in the future. Wow!

It was completely mind-bending. And completely disorienting.

And it is one of the things I love about travel: being totally and utterly shocked at the realization that right now, at this very moment, I am where I am.

May 20, 2009   3 Comments

Easy morning yoga for staying fit on the road

pink flowered bathing capGetting healthier is one of our prime motivations for this road trip. We hope to wind up the trip by settling down in a new home with a better climate and walkable neighbourhoods in a sustainable community.

In the short term, we want to get in shape and stay healthy on the road! So far, we’re trying to build healthier choices into the fabric of our travel life such as (even more) plant-based, whole foods eating; more walking; and more exercise in general.

I was really excited when I found this Quick A.M. Yoga Twist video with Rodney Yee from Gaiam because we can do the routine together by lying end-to-end on an average hotel bed. We just point towards the same wall at the same time rather than following the “left” and “right” instructions in the video.

If only we had bathing caps, we’d look like Ester Williams in stereo.

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September 20, 2008   10 Comments

How to clear your BlackBerry GPS cache

Garmin For Blackberry Running on an 8800We have found a minor caching glitch with the Garmin Mobile GPS navigation software we run on our BlackBerry—along with a workaround.

For Labor Day weekend, we traveled up through Vermont across the Canadian border to Montreal, over to Quebec City, and down into Maine. To do this without risking the loss of thousands of dollars in cell phone charges, we took the battery out of my BlackBerry before we crossed the border. (If you set many cell phones to forward somewhere else, not only do you get charged international phone charges for a long distance call to your phone, but you also get billed international roaming charges from your phone to forward the call back home.)

Returning back to the States, the BlackBerry kept insisting we were in Vermont.

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September 14, 2008   4 Comments