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About YMMV

This is not the story of two college students who set out on a trip to find themselves, find America, and ultimately find a way to sell you Coca-Cola.

This is not the legend of the ultimate road-trip, and how we beat all odds and deadlines to cross the country, meet wondrous strangers in intriguing places, and interest you in purchasing an Audi.

This is not a voyage of self-discovery and awe at the width of the world. We’ve been around the block, and we are going around again.

This is to let our family and friends know where we are.

Neil and Shaula have gone virtual. Full-time work-from-home. And the nicest thing about working from home, is that ‘home’ is an ill-defined, nebulous thing in the best of circumstances. We’ve defined it as ‘the car’. June 30, 2008 is our last day with a standard home until further notice. July 1, 2008, we hit, live on, and work from the road.

This is the repository of a) our trip, b) the stuff we find on our trip, c) the stuff we take on our trip, d) other things we find interesting. Our plan is to map the trip, write about the interesting things and people we meet, places we enjoyed staying and eating. We also intend to review the things we find particularly helpful. If all works out, when people ask us what we’ve been up to, we can point them here rather than try to explain.

Neil (the driver)

Neil is a programmer with few distinguishing marks. A GI Brat, he’s used to moving—often on short notice. In other lives he’s been on tour, and crossed the country (both ways) on a) a motorcycle, and b) a 1966 Bronco of questionable breeding and worrisome health. In other words, he’s used to winging it.

Shaula (the navigator)

Shaula left home at 15 to travel to foreign lands for school and work and prides herself on being a professional foreigner. She is a published poet and essayist, a playwright, and an actor/director by avocation. She is also a recovering political consultant and a social media strategist. She enjoys cultivating obscure skills like black powder shooting and playing the piano with her feet.

Car (the car)

2004 Mini Cooper S Works