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Beer by the Yard

The English may have the occasional yard-of-ale, but St. Paul has worked out the innovation of ale-the-occasional-yard. We saw these barflies pedaling their lagers on the street, and instantly thought of a couple of our shall-remain-nameless friends.

Mmmm . . . beer and excercise...

Mmmm . . . beer and exercise...

Handled correctly, it could solve the driving-home problem, the beer-requires-exercise problem, the same-old-bar problem, and a host of others. Simultaneously. Brilliant!!!

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1 Brian Howell { 03.25.11 at 10:11 pm }

Neat. I’ve seen these in Amsterdam and the first time I was just dumbfounded. It was so funny. Is this in Britain?

2 neil { 03.26.11 at 11:17 am }

Nope, St. Paul, Minnesota (USA).