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How to clear your BlackBerry GPS cache

Garmin For Blackberry Running on an 8800We have found a minor caching glitch with the Garmin Mobile GPS navigation software we run on our BlackBerry—along with a workaround.

For Labor Day weekend, we traveled up through Vermont across the Canadian border to Montreal, over to Quebec City, and down into Maine. To do this without risking the loss of thousands of dollars in cell phone charges, we took the battery out of my BlackBerry before we crossed the border. (If you set many cell phones to forward somewhere else, not only do you get charged international phone charges for a long distance call to your phone, but you also get billed international roaming charges from your phone to forward the call back home.)

Returning back to the States, the BlackBerry kept insisting we were in Vermont.

Clearly, there was a caching issue.

After a quick look around the Internet, we established that we could clear the cache using BlackBerry Maps. There isn’t a ‘clear’ option in any other applications, that I’m aware of. (I don’t know if clearing the cache in the browser will affect the GPS cache, but it would be worth a test.) The fact that we had randomly just installed BBMaps came in handy.

How to clear your BlackBerry GPS cache with BlackBerry Maps

  1. Run BlackBerry Maps
  2. Press Menu key
  3. Select ‘Options’
  4. Press Menu key
  5. Select ‘Clear Cache’

If any readers know how to prevent the caching problem or have other ways to address it, we’d love to hear your advice.

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1 Ed O'Donnoghue { 10.09.08 at 8:39 pm }

I have finally found you. I have been trying to find out what happened to you. I got your blog from Jennifer. How are you? I am still helping out at “Footlight”, but not much on stage time. I like working w/ Richard. Give me a shout when you get a chance.


2 Neil { 10.09.08 at 9:26 pm }

Wow, it’s golden oldies night here at YMMV

Good to run back into you, Ed. Check your email.

And thanks, Jennifer, if you read this, for reintroductions =]

3 Ed O'Donnoghue { 10.12.08 at 10:19 am }

Do you just drive around? Nice gig.


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