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Unembattled in Brattleboro

After our two-part misadventures at our last stop (see: Knackered in Nashua, and Lathered in Nashua), we have landed happily in a nice(ish) hotel in Brattleboro, Vermont.

That is not to say that the universe has changed. We are still us. You could tell which room was ours, from all the way down the hall.

It’s the only one with that number sign on it.

Hello My Name is Room 210We are now happily installed in Chez Slim Shady. The room is nice (the single odd room sign is the only abberation we’ve found in the whole building), the staff are friendly, and Brattleboro is pretty funky.

We are staying in a Red Roof Inn with convention rooms, so the outfit is geared a little more towards business travelers than the typical low-budget, “no-tell motels” we’ve been trying to stay in.1

We’ve already found a sharp little cafe over the river, and a range of other local restaurants that look pretty nice. The downtown square is a few blocks in either direction, and the weather is beautiful, sunny and below 80 the rest of our stay.

We’ve decided to stay a week. Stay tuned for pictures of beautiful Brattleboro!

  1. “No-tell motel” is our friend Janet’s favorite phrase for our stops, and she’s terrified that we are hopping from one to another. Truth be told, we’ve only stayed in one place where Shaula has been afraid to take off her shoes. So far. []

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1 Beth Best { 08.24.08 at 11:00 am }

Good Sunday morning from Black Diamond, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. Reading your description of some of your motels on your journey, brought back memories of a trip to Las Vegas we made years ago. We had taken along a coupon book that we have purchased for discount hotel rooms. It seemed like such a “Treasure” of an idea. The treasure book showed a Las Vegas hotel called the Landmark (it has since been imploded and made the National news). With our discount we could get this hotel room for a mere $25.00. I might add, this was a l-o-n-g- time ago. Little did we know the treasure book coupon entitled you to a room overlooking the garbage collection bins at the back of the hotel. We were tired and dusty from our days touring and went to the room and were looking forward to a warm shower and a good sleep. Everything was clean but very dated and we inspected to make sure we were safe to put the suitcases on the floor. We were in bed early but woken by a party next door and voices that seemed way too close. Opening our eyes, we could see a strange irregular image on the wall. It was as if it was lit from behind and on further inspection, it was indeed. Previous occupants had punched a rather large hole in the wall and the hotel had simply wallpapered over the hole rather than plaster and fill it in. We laugh about it to this day. Beth & Ross

2 Shaula { 08.27.08 at 10:40 pm }

What a spectacular story, Beth.

I can say from the bottom of my heart that I really hope we never top this one!