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Programming in Historic Sturbridge

Ebenezers PubFor this morning’s work session we held class outside. We were well supplied with tea and buns from historic Ebenezer’s Tavern. Other than some sparrows in a meeting, our cube-mate consisted of a very industrious chipmunk. He was quiet and didn’t interrupt while we were on the phone, so work went smoothly.

Towards lunch, the mosquitoes were starting to filter into the office (from the sales department? HR? hard to say). We relocated to yet another tavern at the Old Sturbridge Village.

(The french fries are excellent. Are they a salute to Lafayette? The historic record remains silent.)

We are near the Colonial Elevators, availing ourselves of the Colonial WiFi. Ye Olde Starbuckes promises to keep our Colonial Caffeine needs well provisioned.

We are experiencing first-hand what it was like for pioneer developers, sitting by the fire, surrounded by antiques (apparently they only used old furniture back then), tapping out code in Colonial Olde Business Objecte Language.

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1 Chas { 08.19.08 at 6:08 pm }

Shauna, very cool to have your blog address…thanks for sending it to Gwil’s distribution list. I’m enjoying keeping up with your travels. Hey, it’s beautiful, dry and sunny in Kelowna (okay, we have a thunderstorm and rain at the moment, but that’s unusual) – we hope that you’ll come visit if you are within a few 100 miles :) Love the humor…

2 Shaula { 08.19.08 at 6:25 pm }

Hi, handsome. Thank you for stopping in.

I haven’t been back to Kelowna in a long time. There’s a remote chance we’ll get there in late fall; if not, I’m not sure when our next trip home will be.

I definitely want to see you and Troy Bevan, and meet your families, next time we’re there! And Neil’s looking forward to meeting you, too.

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