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Sturbridge Massachusetts: 48 States Postcard Project

Sturbridge Massachusetts is the source for our first postcard to our nephews in our 48 States Postcard Project.

The cards depict the Sturbridge Publick House Historic Inn and Country Motor Lodge where we are staying right now. The Inn, founded by Colonel Ebenzer Crafts, is over 235 years old. Famous guests of the Inn include General Lafayette and his son, George Washington Lafayette, in 1824.

We are in the Country Lodge on top of the hill, shown up in the top right corner of the picture. That means we’re in a spacious motel room, decorated in an early colonial country style, with colonial print wallpaper, colonial furniture, and best of all two double beds joined by a writing desk that doubles as a bedside table with a slanted top that things roll off of at random times in the night. There’s also a bake shop, a gift shop, and two restaurants here, too. In the morning, we have a complimentary breakfast of fresh pastries, coffee and tea in Ebenezer’s Tavern downstairs (provided I wake up early enough). Neil seemed pretty happy with the the cinnamon buns yesterday. With rainy weather in the 60’s during the day and down to the low 50’s at night, we’re looking forward to trying the hot apple cider, too.

We’re also looking forward to buying some stamps so we can pop these postcards in the mail to T. and B. Hopefully today.

One state down, 47 to go!

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