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Putting the gal into galivanting (updated)

I’d like to congratulate Katy Quissell & Kim Mance on their launch this week of Galivanting, a brand new women’s travel magazine and online community.

cover of new women's travel magazine Galivanting showing female hikerWhen I got started traveling this kind of information just didn’t exist online. (Back then to get online you had to be a university scientist or work for the military, and you were dialing up by placing your rotary handset on an acoustic coupler.) I remember going through the reference section of the library to find lists of government publications about studying and working abroad, mailing away for them, and then working my way through the bibliographies in those booklets to send away for more publications, ad infinitum.

(It is remarkable what you can find out if you are persistent.)

I wish I’d had access to a site like Galivanting then, and I’ll be keeping an eye on their site during this trip for their pointers to women-owned businesses, like the Chicago Chocolate Tour. (I think that link may be enough for us to add Chicago to our itinerary.) I aslo love the fact that, instead of being yet another condescending and fluffy magazine that’s just a thin pretext to sell a mixture of insecurity and garbage products to women, Galivanting combines useful information with a refreshingly feminist perspective.

I have to thank them also for being the first big travel site to link back to us at Your Milage May Vary! When I pointed out a few nits on the Galivanting guide to Canada, Kim not only made the corrections, she was also kind enough to give me credit and link to YMMV. I’m really impressed with their class and their responsiveness. Thank you for the link love, ladies! (If you are a new visitor arriving by way of Galivanting, welcome and please make yourself at home!)

I’ve done my best to put the gal into galivanting over the years myself, too: I feel like I’ve found some kindred spirits. I really wish Kim and Katy well, and I look forward to watching Galivanting develop.

Update I want to add that Galivanting pays for travel articles! I know so many talented writers, especially bloggers, who make little or nothing but deserve to be paid for their work–if you’re not a blogger, you might not appreciate just how exciting the prospect of paid work can be. I’ve already shared the news with some girlfriends who are traveling right now and they are all excited about submitting their stories and travel tips. If you’re a woman traveler, consider sending your travel advice for other women to Galivanting.

And yes, before anyone (meaning Ian or Janet or my mom) asks: I promise to send Galivanting some articles too.

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